Terms and Conditions


shall mean this User Agreement and shall include the User application form duly completed, its attachment(s) and the terms and conditions stated herein and includes the documents incorporated by reference including the Illegal/Prohibited Content, Disclaimer, Warning against Fraud, Contract Form/Bill terms and conditions and such other documents that Company may in its absolute discretion add to the Site from time to time. It shall be deemed to have been executed at Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Call Me Free:-

means a service offered to a User on the Site which helps the User to connect with other Users who have subscribed to this service. Using this service, a User who may be a prospective Buyer can call a listed seller on the Site. In order to receive inquiries from prospective buyers, prospective sellers, on the Site, may subscribe to this service by paying money to buy calling time for their prospective buyers. The Company may offer this Service on a trial basis to Users, as well. This service is also commonly referred as CLICK TO CALL.


means Tesla Energy Solutions (PTY) Ltd., a Company incorporated under the Companies Act of Namibia, along with its unit for the Company’s website called teslaes.com and where the context so requires, means and includes all Tesla Energy Solutions (PTY) Ltd. officers, directors, employees and subsidiary, associate and affiliate entities, and/or business entities with whom Tesla Energy Solutions (PTY) Ltd. enters into a partnership or strategic or financial alliance

Credit Report:-

is a third party paid service provided to a User to obtain information about another company or legal entity, including detailed analytical information about profitability, past and present trading analysis and ownership essentially with a view to analyze their credit rating and stability.

Online Catalog:-

is a platform wherein a User can showcase its/his products or services Online by posting on the Site the photographs and ordering information of such product and/or service. Note: Terms Online Catalog or Online Catalogue both refer to same product Online Catalog.

Registration Data:-

is the database of all the particulars and information supplied by the User on initial application and subscription, including but not limited to the User’s name, telephone number, mailing address, account and email address.


means the Services provided by the Company to the User of the Site and includes the following facilities:

  • Services to the User wishing to post his contact details in the Exporters Yellow Pages and/or other such directory services published in print or in other media by the Company
  • Services to the User who wishes to advertise and gain exposure for their business through On-line Catalogs, Website Hosting and Customised Websites, Customized Header Catalog, Call Me Free, ESeller Facility, Dial B2B, Multilingual Catalogs and 10 Page Online Catalog, Trade Leads, Trade Lead Ratings and/or Banners through the Site
  • Services to the User who wishes to insert advertisements at the Site
  • Services to the User who wishes to credit and financial information to entrepreneurs and/or obtains a credibility or trustworthiness of a User Company including through a Credit Report or a Trust Stamp
  • Services to the User who wishes to obtain ready to use global tender information of all major global and Indian tenders
  • Such other or further services that may be provided by the Company and/or teslaes.com from time to time