In order to transform the company into a leading solutions provider, we understand the need for change and the importance of managing that change. We also hold a passion for success and believe in our people. In the ever dynamic world, customers know what services they require and want these solutions on the go and immediately.

    We at TES understand our customers’ needs and realize that our services need to be tailored to meet their specific requirements. Our service goals are:

    • Short-term solutions for one to two years guarantees a 5-15% energy saving.

    • Medium-term solutions for three to five years guarantees a 15-30% energy saving

    • Long-term solutions more than five years guarantees a 30-50% energy saving.

    • Energy management

    • Energy pricing and tariffs

    • Energy audits

    • Consulting services

    • Project management

    • Operations management

    • Business processessing

    • Facilities management

    • Contracting services