About Us

Tesla achieves comprehensive and efficient energy solutions for ourselves in order to serve others, with the latest technologies on the market.


    Over the past few years, we have seen a drastic transformation in the electricity supply industry in Southern Africa. Namibia has been one of the leading countries in the restructuring of the electricity supply industry. With such complex restructuring models implemented in a short time, customers have been the last to understand the impacts. Customers have recently realized the impact, when their electricity bills have changed or increased drastically. Tesla Energy Solutions has been a pioneer in providing energy efficient, management systems in Namibia. With a highly skilled and specialized project team from within the local market along with international expertise, Tesla prides itself in being the industry's leader.

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  • To increase company market share, by enhancing customer value through continuous improvement principals whilst operating profitably and efficiently.

  • To introduce new energy management solutions tailored specifically for each customer, which will ensure efficient utilization of energy products through the implementation of the best economically beneficial solutions.


  • Quality

  • Integrity

  • Continuity

  • Honesty

  • Creativity

  • Flexibility

Providing quality solutions:

    When TES was established, it was done with a clear and concise vision to evolve from a small energy solutions company into a large, internationally recognised, and technologically advanced company. TES operates on the premise of guaranteeing our customers reduced energy consumption translating into significant savings across the board. With its extensive capacity and considerable capability in energy operations, TES intends to set the trend in Namibia and in the region with regard to technologically based and advanced energy solutions.

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